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GSPartners Review: The Truth of Security Fraud Exposed (2024)

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GSPartners: What was the truth about this firm?

Josip Heit established GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG in December 2017. The shell businesses that support GSPartners have been revealed through a recent file with the Dusseldorf District Court.

Josip Heit changed the name of GSB Gold Standard Banking Corporation AG to GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG in an effort to hide the GSPartners Ponzi scheme. According to the filing, Josip Heit moved GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG from Hamburg to Dusseldorf on April 26th, using the corporate address provided by Regus, a provider of virtual office addresses.

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The GSB Gold Standard Corporation produces, imports, exports, and distributes chemical goods; its proportion of capital is EUR 8.9 million. Strangely, neither the MLM activities nor the G999 Ponzi scheme of GSPartners are mentioned.

Further evidence of the relationship involving GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG and the funding of both domestic and foreign companies by the Gazella Corporate Capital Group can be found in Josip Heit’s file. Another front company owned by Josip Heit is Gazella Corporate Capital Group.

Unfortunately, Josip Heit is still allowed by the German government to use multiple German shell companies to conceal his GSPartners Ponzi fraud. BaFin, the country’s main financial regulator, has not yet undertaken any action.

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GSPartners withdraws its US lawsuit against YouTube abusesR3TomO3DCEPfpvSO KM8PKlx3fU3lMQ5c0zmSBANzudCCOTwlFd8oxAQFILOQPG2vgz2NYF7xGELvGFCRJioNZBMrqeupLsboadZayBiVfwVQ46PonDIfoihs43 u13CbZKdh2vpwmHBz u142Uq4

By releasing recordings regarding their participation in a Ponzi scheme, Saunders, according to Josip Heit and the plaintiffs of GSPartners, defamed them. The fact that Saunders brought up Josip Heit’s involvement in Karatbars International’s failed KBC Ponzi scandal really infuriated him. A stipulation of dismissal was submitted on July 29 by Josip Heit, Michael Dalcoe, and Tony De Gouveia on behalf of GSB Gold Standard Corporation AG.

Christopher Saunders completed a related declaration on the same day. The plaintiffs and defendant, with the signing and consent of counsel, agreed to dismiss every complaint based on Saunders’ declaration. Saunders said in his declaration that Ovidu Toma paid him $5,000 in Bitcoin for creating accusations against the plaintiffs.

Ovidiu Toma, the former Chief Technology Officer of Karatbars International, has been providing me with material since January 2020 that shows Harald Seiz was involved in the business’s alleged wrongdoing. Regarding the paperwork and materials Mr. Toma supplied, nothing was omitted.
ysZ40E diORAT9oymGySoMnc4s1lClY

Toma is currently the CEO of CryptoData, a Romanian company that sells hardware for cryptocurrency exchanges and is situated in that country. 

Saunder acknowledged that Mr. Harald Seiz, the CEO of Karatbars, had been involved in the alleged wrongdoing before any association with GSB or Mr. Josip Heit with regard to the Miami crypto bank and KBC/KBC tokens. 

This statement seems strange given that Josip Heit represented Karatbars’ original involvement in cryptocurrency securities fraud. Seiz was identified in an interview from April 2019 as a “big investor and Board Member” of Karatbars International.

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When Karatbars was advertising a “blockchain phone” in Dubai, Josip Heit made remarks regarding the KBC coin. Josip Heit was asked whether he truly believed that the KBC coin might be the same as 1 kilogram of gold when he was confronted about his remarks made during the event. Josip Heit replied and said that it was possible.

Even without the fulfillment of the primary net, their market value has considerably expanded in just a few short weeks from $300 million to approximately $1 billion. They anticipated their market valuation to surpass $200 billion once the primary net profit is realized, which would happen in a few months.
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Josip Heit and Seiz promoted the KBC Ponzi coin through a series of advertisements, however after a highly anticipated event on July 4th, 2019, its value fell by 62%. Josip Heit, not Harald Seiz, was the one who had to handle the situation and clarify the reason for the collapse since investors were unhappy.

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After KBC’s steady deterioration, it was eventually abandoned. Josip Heit, who had made his money by the end of 2019, then started his own Ponzi spinoff company called GSPartners. 

G999 and LYS, the Ponzi currencies created by GSPartners, haven’t fared much better because G999 is supported by wash trade while LYS is steadily being drained. In order to address the continued failure of G999 and LYS, GEUR was started.

GEUR was established as a result of GSPartners investors no longer wanting to hold onto G999 and LYS and is tied to the euro.

Its most recent 300% ROI Ponzi relaunch and metaverse certificates are supported by GEUR, which as of right now cannot be found outside of GSPartners. GSPartners and Saunders are said to have negotiated a settlement, but it is not public knowledge.

With the exception of the assertion that Josip Heit was misinformedly not complicit in the Karatbars KBC scam, Saunders has not withdrawn any of his GSPartners-related assertions.

The harassment lawsuit brought by GSPartners against Saunders was dismissed on August 2 after the court accepted the plaintiff’s stipulation of dismissal.
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GSPartners: It was a Ponzi Scheme, but how?

After the G999 launch was a failure, GSPartners changed into a factory for generating low-value cryptocurrencies. The JONE coin, which was the first to be made available, is allegedly backed by a floor in Dubai’s J One tower. RKM Durar Properties, the tower’s architects, are unaware of this connection. A participant in the MyBroadband forum published images of chats in an effort to shed light on the reasoning for a real estate developer’s affiliation with a failed Ponzi scam.
kHPgC7f NvrJrYhNq4Qt4L5PFxg6hip ASo0SR U3I f0BU75m4OJzjy74ElxbC

A message claimed that G999 might be used to get a certificate of ownership in J One and that there might be a relationship between RKM Durar Properties and Josip Heit, the creator of G999.

A representative of RKM Durar Properties responded that they were unaware of Josip Heit, the CEO of GSB, in response to a group of investors from an unidentified location who had asked about any formal partnerships between Durar Group and Gold Standard Bank (GSB) group. The company wanted to make sure that the properties were legitimately allowed for sale because they were interested in J One as an investment opportunity.

In response, the RKM Durar Properties representative stated that actions had been taken to remove an unapproved advertising site. The spokesman noted, however, that despite their participation, the JONE coin marketed by GSPartners continued to be a Ponzi scheme. Intriguingly, it seemed as though Josip Heit had picked a Dubai house at random for marketing purposes. The JONE token launch date is still being advertised on the GSPartners website as being in seven days.

GSPartners Compensation Plan

On their website, GSPartners does not provide access to their pay structure. The pay assessment provided here is based on official pay information marked “for internal use only.” Affiliates of GSPartners buy G999 tokens in anticipation of a profit. These tokens can be purchased on the GSTrade exchange run by GSPartner for “69 USDT for 4999 G999 coins”.

Furthermore, when they sign up, GSPartners’ affiliates get G999 tokens. People who sign up for the Brand Advantage Basic Package, for instance, receive 3498 G999 tokens per year for a cost of 275 USD. Additional G999 tokens than the Basic Package are given to people who registered for the Brand Advantage Premium Package, albeit the Premium Package’s exact cost could not be confirmed. GSPartners accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum payments even though they list their prices in USDT, which is important to note.

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GSPartners Affiliate Ranks

Ten separate levels, with each having its own qualifications, make up the affiliate pay plan of GSPartners. Simple affiliate status and payment of relevant fees earn you the top spot. Producing $15,000 GV per month is required for the Director rank, whereas producing $40,000 GV per month is required for the Regional Director rank. One must produce $80,000 GV per month to qualify as a National Director. A monthly GV requirement of $150,000 for the Executive rank and $369,000 for the Continental Executive is required.

It takes one million GVs per month to reach the International Executive position. The required monthly GV generation for becoming an ambassador is $3,000,000, while the required GV generation for the Global Ambassador level is $9,000,000. Lastly, you need to create $27,000,000 GV per month to become a Crown Ambassador. The term “Group Volume” (GV) speaks for the amount of fees or investments made by associates in a person’s downline.

Referral Commission

For the purpose of paying referral commissions, GSPartners uses a unilevel compensation system. An affiliate is positioned at the head of a team in this structure, and every affiliate they bring on is positioned on level 1 immediately beneath them. Every level 1 affiliate who brings on new affiliates is promoted to level 2, and so on indefinitely.

The maximum level of referral commissions is nine, and residual commissions are given as a proportion of money invested in Basic and Premium programs across these tiers. Each level receives a different proportion, with level 1 having the largest commission of 10%, followed by levels 2 and 3 with 4%, 3%, levels 4 and 6 with 2%, levels 7 and 8 with 4%, and levels 9 with 6%. Whether direct G999 token investments made through GSTrade are qualified for referral commission payouts is unclear.

GSPartners Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients

To prove that GSPartners is a Ponzi Scheme, I have the reviews listed below. These comments show how those who invested in this scam lost their money. To understand my points, read the following reviews:


#1. Investment is not safe!

According to the aforementioned claim, it looks like you may have been a victim of an investment fraud or financial scam. Be wary when contacted with claims of quick and big returns on your money because these frauds are, regrettably, frequent.

Your money would be high in value in 18 months, according to the scammers’ promise. A classic warning sign for prospective fraud is the guarantee of substantial returns in a short period of time.

#2. They are Fraudsters!
yiODFlqTtTBGqg haCPUdGoBWpdjb7GgOkSWpBXQUQdP2dUTb s3Wjz vCOT 5uyPklA1U2pDKVfi0oTHUojYImTd36 9PN3GNBI7FjYsze2SPEGrqgl3GmB44kfIGfIQW7ZSjlRUniSRJPzhD2iM

According to the comment above, some have expressed displeasure and unhappiness with Karatbars and claim that their losses have not yet been made up. They warned people to beware, calling it a money-making racket and an inefficient use of time and resources. They also slammed the G999 coin and its CEO, Josip, alleging that he is making money off of gullible people.

#3. GSPartners is a scam!

inmS4J1HtUd2ZtY57VzkUWxkd03mKqO2Zc0TBbajNIQTTprDnkMJYXNwOpR0poJ MqhWT4U8Zs8q1soCTJ4Uks41V1 j7Y I6n1w1bml4fwUGvbth8 KBogT6tChgSmvA0jTBck qNW3oU7RQm1Aiy8

According to the statement above, he first put money in Karatbars International, then when they changed their name to GSPartners, he moved his funds to this new platform. He is currently having issues with his Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, which is unfortunate.

Verifying a customer’s identity through KYC is a routine procedure in the banking sector. If GSPartners is refusing to accept his KYC, that may be cause for concern. It is imperative to keep in mind that investing is always risky, and it is crucial to carefully investigate and take into account the history and reputation of any investment platform prior to committing assets.

DySzXOw05WjgaMq4viTnBLgXwLDXe2C5JyRlbOyGh8igWY6cxJE4ptSLXlxL C9axpVvo oFpsFNAeQkcrp4OmM4FO9Qb 9Jcyh Z9kuwOvow7SSzAcB6j07lg9jeewr6NKQV3HmA6h47 Sgrf 8L4

The reviewer claims, that he was invited to a Zoom conference by two Australian business instructors, he called them scam artists, lack of integrity, and the whole thing felt off. She also warned, “It’s a fraud be cautious this is being promoted by online coaches.” No queries from myself or anyone else on the line were answered by them. It’s an MLM Ponzi Scheme; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. They prey on people’s fears, and the entire call was motivated by fear. Find out more about this business. Why did they rebrand? Why are they being looked into right now?

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#5. GSPartners is a SCAM!

ehL 0Bm pRp fO7ycCPq5hoI6WEpOac5FexgKadnpiEhxTv

According to the comment above, it appears that she had a bad experience at a presentation on cryptocurrencies and blockchains close to Oxford Street in London. It’s always important to be cautious when considering a financial chance, especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, where there are many shady schemes. Here are some reasons why you should exercise caution based on the information you’ve provided:

Lack of transparency: It raises serious concerns that the person presenting had to begin by noting that they might come up as a fraud when Googled. Positive internet reviews and a robust online presence are common characteristics of trustworthy companies and investment prospects.

#6. GSPartners are running Pyramid Scams!

The pointing to contradictory facts regarding GS Partners in the paragraph above. On the one hand, he asserted that GS Partners are fraudulent organizations, and on the other, he asserted that they are launching their rankings, a claim that he considers to be untrue. This kind of informational inconsistency can be perplexing and is frequently a sign of investment strategies that might be deceptive or fraudulent. 

The claim that GS Partners are “scam artists” raises the possibility that the business is engaged in dishonest or fraudulent practices. Not to be taken lightly, this is a severe accusation. Potential investors should be protected if this allegation is backed by verifiable proof, which should be notified to the proper authorities.


The lack of details regarding their compensation plan on their official site is due to the reality that GSPartners is a replication of the securities fraud that Josip Heit began with Karatbars International. G999 is totally useless, same as all prior Karatbars shitcoins. When necessary, Josip Heit creates G999 and sells it to naĂŻve investors. G999 has only recently been listed on open exchanges, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The first data point was logged on February 12 at 0.0068 cents. G999 is currently on sale for $0.016 cents. GSPartners recruitment is related to this public benefit. More affiliates purchase G999 as recruiting increases, driving up the price. After recruitment ends, G999 loses trading value. 

When G999 is offered for sale with the intention of making a profit, securities fraud is most obviously present. This is accurate for all MLM cryptocurrencies. GSPartners’ Blockchain Academy platform is a tool to help hide this. The “education platform” compliance gimmick is getting a little old-fashioned. Probably OneCoin’s OneLife platform is the best illustration of this. Additionally vulnerable to GSPartners’ securities scams are guaranteed returns offered with Brand Advantage investment packages.

Everything has been set up to allow early GSPartner associates to sell their G999 tokens in order to cash out their later invested funds. Again, GSPartners don’t openly disclose any of this on their website because securities fraud is illegal everywhere in the world.

According to Alexa, the top three nations from which visitors arrive at the GSPartners website are the US (52%), South Africa (15%), and Mexico (12%) at the time of publishing. GSPartners has no authorization to offer securities in any of these jurisdictions.

Math guarantees that the majority of GSPartners associates will experience a loss, whether as a result of regulatory action or a decrease in recruiting.

To understand more about this extensive fraud scheme story, in which several people are implicated, click on the link provided:
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