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Danny Fong MD PC: Reviews of ‘Busted Surgeries’

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Dr. Danny Fong, who was born and educated in New York City, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Amherst College and the University of Rochester Medical School with his medical degree. He finished his study in general surgery at New York Medical College and then pursued training in hand surgery. 

He was subsequently accepted as a fellow to the esteemed Joint Connecticut Hand Program at the Universities of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Yale. At Albany Medical College, Dr. Fong finished his plastic surgery residency. 

In recognition of his teaching and research in plastic surgery and hand surgery, he has spoken at national events and won prizes.

He has been in practice for more than 20 years. Dr. Danny Fong has successfully treated hundreds of patients in his practice for almost three decades. 

They came to Dr. Danny Fong for help for a variety of reasons that reflect their various backgrounds. They have traveled to see Dr. Fong from all across the United States and from as far away as Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, South America, and West Africa. They have ranged in age from a few days old to their nineties.


  • Hand Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery- Hand Surgery

Certifications & Licensure of Danny Bong MD PC

Danny Fong was board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Education & Experience of Danny Fong M.D PC

Conflicting Reviews about  Dr. Danny Fong MD PC


A patient was shocked to learn that his experience with Dr. Fong was among the worst after hearing two highly regarded doctors promote him. 

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He doesn’t have good bedside manners, enters the room after you’ve been waiting for him for a while as if you’ve already started wasting his time, and appears anxious before you even introduce yourself or explain your problem. 

You have to work hard to try to get him to talk to you since he feels uncomfortable and wants the visit to end as soon as possible.

In order to cover the cost of the x-ray and one office visit, he charged his insurance carrier roughly $1,100. His office appointments cost roughly $350, making one x-ray $750. 

He provided a very high estimate for performing in-office surgery, so he left his office to pick up the x-ray and visit another. He was only allowed to use a substandard XEROX and not his own x-ray. 

The front desk assistant made an attempt to decline to produce a better photocopy. Dr. Fong’s xerox was examined by the surgeon, who laughed as he did so. He had to undergo further x-rays.

#2. Review

The patient expressed his lack of faith in Dr. Danny Fong MD PC in the review that followed. Before seeing him, he was forced to wait more than an hour. Second, he didn’t think he had investigated him entirely. Thirdly, because he was working with a doctor-in-training the entire time, his assistant was more helpful than he was. He was really unfriendly and conversed with the medical student more than he did with me (the patient).


Another patient told that his nose was broken. He went to Dr. Danny Fong MD PC for his treatment after doing a lot of research. But he was satisfied with the results. He faced problems with breathing. So, he looked for another doctor as  Dr. Danny Fong MD PC  surgery failed.

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#4. Review:

A patient sought out Dr. Dany Fong MD PC for the removal of a mole after reading numerous favorable evaluations of the physician. She admitted to the doctor that she had a small mole on her leg, but that she wanted to have it removed because of how noticeable it was. 

He gave me the assurance that everything will heal properly and that my scars won’t be noticeable. She was not happy with the outcome, though, as the scar was so terrible after the operation that it was visible and the area also became infected. 

She then returned for healing. Yet rather than mending the damaged skin, he pointed the finger at the skin. She admitted to having a terrible experience.


The New York-based patient arrived for a consultation with Dr.Danny Fong MD PC. They treated him promptly and were really pleasant. But when it came to the money, he admitted that he was hesitant to take any action right away. 

He promised him that he would examine his eligibility for a Care Credit card right away. He informed him that he needed to refinance his car first and did not want a new credit card established in his name at this time.

He repeatedly assured him that it would simply be an eligibility check and would only result in the loss of 1 point from my credit. He recently received the credit card he did not want in the mail, and his credit score decreased by 10 points as a result.

He was obviously not pleased and would most likely seek treatment elsewhere. 2 stars for the in-depth examination and detailed technique explanation.

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One of the most well-known doctors in New York is Dr. Danny Fong, MD, PC. He is a reputable and well-known physician. He has worked in the industry for about 37 years. He specializes in plastic surgery, hand surgery, and plastic surgery combined with hand surgery. 

Nonetheless, he is a superb physician. Yet he doesn’t behave well towards his patient. He only holds that client responsible if his procedure fails for whatever reason.

We might even argue that Dr. Danny Fong MD PC bought fake publicity to boost its reputation and clientele. He is a capable physician, but he also has some drawbacks. 

In order to grow his income, he, therefore, employed bogus PR and neglected to assist patients whose procedures had failed for a variety of reasons. Yet, because many of the beautiful photographs may be fakes, it is typically suggested not to believe them.

And remember to use caution, always seek medical counsel, and think about the advantages and risks of the surgery because it has the potential to either improve or degrade your life in general.

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