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Parakh Plastic Surgery is Negligent?

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Who is Dr. Shwetamber Parakh?

Shwetamber Parakh, MD, FACS is a well-known plastic surgeon in New Jersey. Dr. Parakh, MD, FACS, was born and raised in India and was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by her parents who are both doctors. 

Dr. Parakh, a provider who has won awards and is board certified, has contributed to raising the standard for quality in her field. She keeps fostering strong patient connections based on openness, honesty, and compassion.

About Parakh Plastic Surgery

Dr. Shwetambara Parakh worked tirelessly over the course of her more than ten years in practice to create a private setting where her patients could feel at ease and knew they were being well cared for. The surgeon, Dr. Parakh, applied the same diligence that she does during surgery. 

Her plastic surgery facility offers procedures for different body areas or the entire body. She also offers surgery procedures for both men and women at the same time. These include:

  • Face
  • Breast
  • Body
  • Non-surgical
  • Surgeries for Men- BOTOX, Tummy tuck, Facelift,


Credientials, certifications, and honors of Dr. Shwetamber Parakh & Parakh Plastic Surgery

Reputations, Awards, and Certifications Licensed by The American Board of Plastic Surgery is Shwetambara Parakh, MD, FACS (ABPS). 

One can rest easy knowing that Dr. Parakh has obtained the necessary education and has aced in-depth written and oral exams on all aspects of plastic surgery.

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Unfavorable Reviews of Parakh Plastic Surgery

If we were to discuss the drawbacks of Parakh Plastic Surgery or Dr. Shwetamber Parakh, we could find out about them by reading the reviews left by their knowledgeable, happy, or dissatisfied clients or patients.

# 1st Review: Worst Experience

On 22nd April 2019, a patient share his worst experience with Parakh Plastic Surgery & its doctor. 

This doctor received a visit from a patient. That was quite unusual how she entered the room. The patient described the revision surgery when questioned about his needs, just as he had done during the phone consultation.

She has just informed him that he has paid 185 dollars and that they made a mistake on the phone. The patient was taken aback by this attitude, which indicated that this was significant to her.

This patient has heard excellent things about this physician. Rather than being concerned about his situation. The errors her secretary had made worried her more.

For this woman or anybody else for that matter, he was not worth 185 dollars. Revision surgery is an extremely emotional experience. The whole thing was a complete letdown.

#2nd Review: Left disfigured with painful scars after breast lift with implants 

One of Dr. Parakh’s patients was permanently deformed. The operation or procedure was flawed. Scars are terrible. She left behind horrifying, uncomfortable, and unsightly scars. She wouldn’t advocate for her to anybody. 

The worst experience of her life, in her opinion! The method was executed incorrectly, recklessly, & ineffectively. Prior to this procedure, she was free of any existing issues. She then informed her that she had done all she could to assist her. 

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The scars are permanent. She felt bad about performing her surgery alongside her. She had excruciating scars for the rest of her life that she had never before.

#3 Review: Disappointing Nipple Surgery

Despite being fully recovered from surgery, the patient who posted this review still has significant pockets of fat and skin on either side of his body (Dog Ears). Because of this issue, he was unable to dress in form-fitting apparel or a bathing suit. He was advised that in order to correct this issue, additional surgery would be required.

Valerie Assenzio, the patient, was terribly disappointed. She is a very nice woman, but from what she’s heard, she doesn’t know much about nipple surgery. The patient wasted the days she had to miss from work, plus the two hours it took to get there, for a consultation that lasted no more than five minutes. 

She had promised to get back to her patient, but it’s now been about five weeks, and she was still looking for the right doctor. If any of you know any reputable medical professionals, she inquired. kindly inform me. sincerely Vanessa Assenzio

#4 Review: 

Another patient complained that the staff at Dr. Parakh’s Plastic Surgery lacked experience. She had an awful phone conversation with the person. She went on to claim that she was wrong to call that office without requesting an MRN, a name, or any other crucial information. 

He made the contact only because the hospital had recommended their office on the discharge paperwork. We obviously went somewhere else and looked for a new tip.

#5. Review: Eye trough filler surgery

Another patient claimed that Dr. Parakh Plastic Surgery had performed his eye filler surgery, but that he was unhappy with the results since he constantly had bags under his eyes and suffered from allergies. In order to reduce swelling and bruising, he claimed to apply Silagen Rapid Recovery Treatment three times per day.

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#6. Review: Stitches bursting

A patient by the name of Betsy Martinez claimed to have had a very negative experience with Parakh Plastic Surgery. He mentioned how inadequately she had described the process. 

The stitches burst because she neglected to attach drainage as she should have! called out the patient. Spend less money and protect your health and well-being, he told us.


Despite the fact that she has twenty years of expertise and is one of the most competent and well-respected doctors, Dr. Parakh Plastic Surgery. 

She does, however, have some drawbacks, as previously noted, and many of the clients advised not to trust Dr. Parakh’s decision regarding plastic surgery. She didn’t listen, didn’t explain the condition effectively, and didn’t respond to any queries. She planned a tough appointment, and the personnel was not only unfriendly but extremely unpleasant.

We might also draw the conclusion that Dr. Parakh Plastic Surgery used fake paid PR to increase its popularity and clientele. She is a good doctor, yet she also has certain shortcomings. She, therefore, employed false PR to increase her wealth and neglects to assist clients whose surgeries failed for various reasons. 

Yet, it is frequently advised not to believe the stunning images that are displayed because many of them may be fake. And while undergoing surgery, use caution, always seek medical advice, and don’t forget to consider the benefits and disadvantages of the procedure because it has the power to improve or impair your quality of life.

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