Peter Jobst – An Unprofessional Engineer

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Peter Jobst is an unprofessional fraud who claims to be an expert in the network industry. I had hired him for my business’s IT needs but he failed to perform any tasks properly. He is an arrogant fraud who overcharges for all the services he provides to his customers. There aren’t many service providers like him who lie to bluntly and free.

Peter claims to be an experienced engineer but he doesn’t possess the knowledge to match his claim. In fact, he lacks the basic knowledge of DevOps engineering. You will be better of hiring a local service provider instead of choosing Peter Jobst as your service provider. His whole personality is made up of lies. It is vital for you to stay alert and avoid such a fraudster.

When my company had hired Peter to avail his services it was unaware of his scams and fraud. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t hire this guy and his company. I hope this article will be an eye-opener for you. I hope it will clarify the situation and help you save your money and resources.

If I had been able to find out the reality behind Peter and his fraudulent company, I wouldn’t have made the mistake of hiring him for any processes at all. STAY AWAY FROM PETER. This article will help you find out why.

Who is Peter Jobst?

There is not much information about this guy on the internet; however, some data is available on his official website. The website claims that Peter has been in the industry for more than 20 years as he started working in 1995. The main services he provides are of TCP/IP administration, Microsoft Server Technologies, IT Project Management and Linux Server Technologies.

He previously worked with Sun America Financials for a year from 98’ to 99’. He used to migrate their Win 95 clients to Win 98 and do other software stuff. Later on, he worked with Storeactive as a Senior Deployment Engineer.

His company, Jobst, is an IT company with bad intentions. The website claims that they are going to help you achieve the goals and get you a better future. The problem with their big claims is that all of them are lies.

How Peter Cheated Me

I had come across Peter in the spring of last year. I own a couple of stores and I thought about optimizing them further so I can manage them with ease. Everyone is getting POS and other iIT infrastructure in place so I thought I should hire an expert service provider for the same. When I looked up online, the name of Peter Jobst popped up.

Now, when I visited his website, I found out that he is an experienced DevOps engineer and that he has worked with many major companies before starting this business. At that time, I had no idea regarding the true business model and the real knowledge based on Peter and his company. If someone had given me a hint of why Peter is a bad choice, I would have avoided him at all costs.

But at that time, there was no indication of him being an ignorant shithead who only knows about lying and stealing money from other people’s pockets. I bet if he hadn’t become an engineering fraud, he would have been a pick-pocketer.

I contacted his company and told them that I want to set up an IT infrastructure for my chain of stores. They were quite excited, maybe they don’t get much business, and they told me they will send a person to consult with me right away. It took them two days to send someone to my office.

And when I did meet the guy, he told me he is from sales and he doesn’t know much about the IT systems I wanted to talk about. Really? You’re gonna send a newbie who doesn’t know anything about your business to a potential client? I overlooked it. I contacted them again and then I got connected to Peter himself.

This guy speaks a lot about himself. He was assuring me about a quality experience and product delivery the whole time and I was like, “Ok, now let’s talk business” and he was like, “But I gotta tell you how much experience I have in networks”.

After a lot of talks, they came and started setting up the systems. Now, this is something that you don’t expect the IT team to tell you. They told me that they have set up the systems and they will get online in a few days. They demanded payment but I said, I’ll pay only when the systems work properly.

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They told me that I must give them at least 50% as advance and I can pay them the rest of the amount later. I paid them $20,000 as advance. They went and then I waited. The system wasn’t getting online. I checked and I saw that they hadn’t set up the software properly. They charged me for doing nothing !!

I contacted their customer support and asked them about the system. They told me that’ll send someone to check the situation. I waited for 4 days but nobody came. So I contacted them again. This time, I got to talk to Peter. He started throwing some jargons at me, but I knew that he was just trying to act smart.

In reality, Peter and his team had done nothing. When they sent a professional, he told me that I must have disturbed something and now they will have to do the entire process again. I thought he was joking but essentially he wasn’t. When I called Peter again, he said: “We gotta do what we gotta do, if you want your systems to work, we’ll have to work on the first”. And then he added that we will have to pay a little extra for their troubles.

I had a long verbal fight with him about the charges. They had done nothing and now they were asking me to pay them. I contacted another company later to set up my business’s IT infrastructure. They did it within a few days. And Peter, his company tried to blackmail me that I have unpaid invoices. And they will complain against me.

If you ask me, I would say that Peter and his consulting business is one of the poorest ones in the market. Please, for the sake of your time and business, stay away from these guys. Jobst doesn’t know anything about IT systems or running a business but he charges you like he is some 20-year experience holder in this field.

His whole brand is based around lies. I later found out that Jobst is one of the most notorious service providers in the market because of his lies and mischievous policies. I lost a hefty sum and a lot of resources because of this guy’s company. Apart from that, he had the never to say that I’m a fraud who doesn’t pay people. All I know is that a sane person should stay away from Peter Jobst.

How he markets his scam

Because of his previous scams and critical reviews, Peter has a hard time finding customers on the internet. However, there is one place, where everyone gets customers, social media and Peter takes the full benefit of it.

He has a twitter, Facebook and YouTube account. He is the most active on his FB as it is easy to find a large number of people here than on ANY other social media platform. I have listed down all his social media handles down below:

His Website

The official website of Peter Jobst seems to be one of his main marketing places as well. The website is quite well optimized and it seems Peter has used some unethical SEO techniques on his websites, which boost the ranking. His website has a blog section which is purely for search engine ranking purposes.


The Twitter profile of Peter is literally the worst one I have ever seen in my entire life. It has 17 tweets and a mere 9 followers. Peter claims that his company is one of the biggest and this twitter account clearly shows their true status.

With only 17 tweets, not much can be said about the page itself, one thing is for sure though, Jobst is not getting his main customers using this Twitter account.


It took me a while to find the YouTube account of Peter Jobst, but after a couple of minutes, I was victorious. And it was definitely worth checking out, as it made me laugh very hard. He only has 12 subscribers and his account was registered way back in 2009. The about section of the channel is null and it has zero significance. For a guy who claims to be the best tech person in the industry, he should learn more about social media and the internet. Now one thing for sure that he does not get his customer from YouTube.


Facebook is the main source of customers for Peter, he gets the main chunk of his customers from his Facebook page. You can ask any social media marketer about how many scammers are on Facebook and they will tell you there are A TON of them here. And Peter is one of them.

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This is the place his company is the most active on this social media platform. They used to post very often here and have 140 followers. In case you didn’t already know, it is hella easy to get followers on FB, all it requires is literally a couple of bucks. So it is most likely that he got most of his initial followers by buying them.

It seems that he stopped posting in the late 2018s as the last post is of 18th November 2018.

I’m not only person he cheated

I’m sorry to say but I’m not the only one who has suffered because of these heartless people. There are dozens of complaints on Jobst and his company; however their reputation management team has removed most of them, leaving only a few, which might be gone soon as well.

  1. Review of Peter Jobst on
    So this complaint was posted on on 2nd February 2009, LA California. The victim redacted his own name &the name of the company because Peter Jobst threatned him. But archives show that this complaint is on the Jobst company. The reputation management team of Peter Jobst has commented on this complaint as well, which confirms that it is on Peter Jobst. The name was redacted recently in 4th August 2018. Now to the original complaint.

    By “Anyonymous”- United States

    Jobst wasted a lot of my precious time, stole my money and told lies about his skillset. I came to know about Mr Jobst from his website, where he made a lot of big claims about his skills and experience. When I contacted him, he told me that he could easily administrate networks, but when I hired him to do the same, I found out that he was totally wrong. He does not have any real skills when it comes to technical computer technology and he has not even been to a school for that subject. All he has is a low-level experience of helping moron people on setting up their emails and installing browsers.

Peter has a totally fake portfolio and he uses it to make people think he is an expert. His so-called 8 years of experience is total bullshit. He even says he is a DJ, but he does not have any music skills at all. Even my nephew can press the play button to play the music and Jobst does just that. He has the same playlist for the crappy club parties. He sells drugs to minors and girls at the clubs where he plays and all he cares about is MONEY MONEY AND MONEY. Once he makes enough money, he will stop the music and take the young girls at the party to his place for having s*x with them. NEVER LET YOUR KIDS BE AROUND PETER JOBST.

He makes false claims that he works for XXXXXXXX whereas all he does is resell the technology that can be bought for cheap online. He also claims to be a DevOps engineer, but you should know that he only knows how to fix basic computer issues and nothing more. If you want to hire him anyway, I will suggest that you do a thorough background check on his real clients, and after doing that you will know exactly what I’m saying. He only thinks about money, sex and drugs and it is for your own good if you stay away from this freak.

Consumer Comment:
The post is totally true and Jobst is nothing but a scam
By “Anonymous” – United States

This complaint is 100% true and Peter Jobst is totally a scam. The only reason why people don’t leave their name on such complaints because if they will, these companies will go after them with their full force and harass them. I know Jobst for a long time and his roommate was a guy who was literally a pedophile. He used to hit on minor girls and one time a parent caught him with her daughter red-handed. Jobst fully supports pedophilism and gives drugs like “E” to girls in order to get them on his bed. He has a girlfriend who he cheats on almost every now and then, but she does not give an f*ck about that. He has a big collection of child porn in his basement and he carries it around with him as well. Anyone who knows Peter personally knows about his kiddy kink and that is why they keep their children away from this maniac. He also has many different IDs, credit cards and names. He uses them to brand himself in different sectors and run away from loans. If you support Mr Jobst, you are actually supporting a pedo money hogger.

  • 2ndReview of Peter Jobst on
    This complaint wasposted on 27th February 2009 and updated on 4th August 2018 as well.

    By “Mike” – United States

    Peter is an arrogant consultant with sky-high prices. We hired him for a technical project of our company and all he did was to call the tech support department and made others work for him. The portfolio which he has put on the internet is totally fake and most of his big “clients” are not real. He has made dummy companies for his portfolio. And the real jobs he has done in the past could have been done by any technical support employee.
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When we asked him to set up the network for us, he agreed and told us that there would be no problem. However, the final results we got from his services were the worst we have ever seen. The network set up by him was useless, it was slow, unresponsive and just didn’t do what it was supposed to do in the first place. He didn’t want to do any real work and evaded any opportunity which required him to show his technical skills. We had to spend a lot of money on his so-called consulting, which proved to be utterly useless for us. We had to fix most of our technical problems by ourselves. The worst thing was that we spent more on his services then we did on the whole IT setup of ours.

Jobst failed us on many occasions and we would not recommend anyone to use his services unless they want to waste their money on a lazy unprofessional guy. There is a reason he has such a bad rep in the market. He knows nothing more than the basics and it is for sure that he cannot handle any real technical projects. He needs a lot more knowledge and experience before he can call himself an expert. Peter was not even able to fix a simple  Unix Firewall issue we had, and he claims to be a pro IT guy.
Consumer Comment:
Peter Jobs is a Fake Consultant
By “Anonymous” – United States

When I read this complaint I was instantly able to relate to it. This is my first time reporting any consultant on the internet but this time it is really important for me to do it, otherwise, Peter will keep fooling people. Jobst lacks any technical or real information about his skills and he mainly sails his ship on lucky guesses. I have seen him deceiving many of his clients into believing that he is an experienced tech-professional with real skills. He always fails to do fulfil his commitments because he simply does not know how to do his job properly.

I would suggest you think very hard before you consider hiring Peter Jobst for your company’s IT requirements. There are much better options available in the market and at least they don’t lie on their resume. There is no proof of the claims he makes on his website and all those companies he talks about are mostly not real.

Peter is a guy with a broken heart and his emotional instability clearly interferes with his work. He needs some medical help and you should try to stay away from him.

The one thing I found common in these complaints is a comment from Mrs Jennifer from the USA, which has taken sides with Peter on both of these complaints. She might be the head of Jobst’s reputation management team. I have taken the screenshot of per comments down below. She harrases and threatens the consumer and accuse them of defamation.


All I can say is Peter Jobst doesn’t know the ABCs of DevOps engineering or any kind of technical knowledge. All he knows about is sounding good and doing big talks. There are many businesses who have suffered a lot because of Peter. Just make sure that you don’t become one of them.

SHouldn’t frauds like Peter get punished for their deeds? Can’t we set up a better system to punish these people so they stop doing these crimes?


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