Aaron Cheung- Homeaglow unfairly compensates its cleaners, according to a class action brought by Nicholas and Tomasevic

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Aaron Cheung (As claimed)

Aaron Cheung, a Co-founder at Homeaglow, is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has previously worked at Homejoy. Aaron Cheung earned his Bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 2005 to 2009. Aaron Cheung brings valuable insights to the business thanks to his extensive skill set, which includes entrepreneurship, SEO, Python, web development, SEM, and more. Aaron Cheung has two email addresses and one cell phone number on RocketRe

Aaron Cheung currently holds two positions: CEO of Double Critical and Co-Founder of Homeaglow. Furthermore, Aaron Cheung has held two previous positions, including Co-Founder and VP Growth at Homejoy. 

Aaron Cheung- The case in detail

Nicholas & Tomasevic, LLP, a top legal firm in labour and employment class action lawsuits, has filed a class action complaint against Homeaglow Inc. (formerly Dazzling Cleaning) for allegedly misclassifying its cleaners as “independent contractors.”

According to the lawsuit, Homeaglow has failed to provide Cleaners with the minimum protections required by California law, such as reimbursement for business expenses (e.g., cleaning supplies, mileage for driving to and from client locations) and ensuring they are paid for each hour of work even when the client is unavailable, cancels, or is late. The lawsuit also claims that Homeaglow does not always pay Cleaners the wages promised for their services and requires Cleaners to pay illegal fees for things like “advertising” and new customer development.

The complaint aims to recover damages and unpaid pay for the affected cleaners, as well as hold Homeaglow liable for violating state labour regulations.

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“Unfortunately, despite California’s best efforts to ensure fair working conditions and adequate wages, Homeaglow and other ‘gig economy’ platforms continue to underpay and illegally classify their workers to enhance their bottom line,” according to Shaun Markley, counsel for the plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit.

Conclusion regarding the case

For the reasons stated above, the defendant’s move to compel arbitration, halt proceedings, and dismiss class claims is granted. The arbitration agreement’s delegation to the arbiter is valid. ECF No. 11 at 5. The arbitrator will make decisions on all subjects delegated to them. The Court has stayed this lawsuit until further notice. The parties shall immediately commence further actions under the arbitration clause. Delays by the Plaintiffs without reasonable cause will result in the dismissal of this lawsuit. Defendant’s delays without good cause shall be seen as a waiver of arbitration proceedings under the contract.

The Court will convene a status conference on Thursday, January 4, 2024, at 2 p.m. in Courtroom 15B. Either party may seek sanctions prior to the status conference for delay without good cause. The class action claims have been dismissed without prejudice.

Sources- Sources- https://casetext.com/case/hovis-v-homeaglow-inc

Now let’s have a look from people’s perspective

  1. One of the customers claimed that the cleaner worked 6 hours, cleaning one small bathroom and half of a den. He complained about extremely slow workers. He said that he tried to cancel his $49 monthly membership after the first “cleaning,” and also he mentions that now they want to charge him $267.59 for early cancellation. Also he adds that there is no phone number for customer assistance. Everything is automated, like an app. He calls this a fraud.
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  1. One of the customers said- “There are no stars for this firm. Worst decision I’ve ever made. Do not sign up with this fraudulent firm. I’m still trying to cancel my subscription after six months of being locked in. I had never had someone clean my home before, but my daughter was tragically taken away from me, and I have had no motivation to wake up and go to work, much alone clean.”
  1. People call this company nothing but a scam. He further claims that this company is  owned by two Chinese individuals. Their website is designed in such a way that you cannot erase your credit card information. You can’t even cancel. They are nothing but scammers and con artists.
  1. People who have experienced working with this company claim that Homeaglow is nothing but the worst company and deserves just one star. They also mention that this company does not deserve to be recommended. 
  1. Some people claim that they charge more and give services only for a short time period. They mentioned that they charged him 90$ for only 1.5 hours. What he said is -”Cleaner was only here for 1.5 hours. They charged me $90. Only one out of three times did I receive quality work, and they charged me $90 for 1.5 hours. Cannot cancel for six months. Total equals off. I will now engage in a local cleaning business.”

Some other reviews are as follows:

Bottom Line- 

How Do Negative Reviews Have Affected Homeaglow company. 

  1. Less Reliability: According to Forbes, 94% of customers avoid businesses with poor evaluations, and 50% report that negative reviews make them distrust the company’s quality. Negative reviews may discourage customers from making purchases, resulting in lower revenue.
  2. Google’s John Mueller reports that negative customer reviews are a common cause of lower search engine rankings for businesses. As a result, if both bad and favourable reviews are received, their impact on your website’s rating will be minimal. However, if unfavourable business evaluations dominate a website, it may create a negative impression.
  3. Lesser Revenue: Negative reviews can prevent your customers from making purchases. 
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