Phil Cannella – Steals Money from the Helpless

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Do you know any senior citizens? Are you in touch with someone who is near retirement?

Because if you are, then you should alert them about Phil Cannella beforehand. This guy is a huge fraudster who has been stealing money from baby boomers and middle-aged people in the name of retirement plans and investment advice.

Phil Cannella is an example of a proper financial scam. He knows about investment strategies and tools and he misuses that knowledge so he can steal more and more money from innocent people. I don’t know how many times he has cheated people with his lies and malicious statements. You would certainly want to stay away from Phil and any of his company products. He hosts events and he lies without any reluctance. He knows that he is doing a huge disservice to his customers by lying to them about the returns on their investments.

But the worst part is, he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what happens to you and your financial well being. He only cares about filling his own pocket and creating a fortune of wealth for himself and his family. Phil is a disgusting human being. His filthy deeds needed to be exposed because the higher the number of those who know his reality, the lesser will be the number of his victims.

I have had a poor experience with Phil and his company’s products and that’s why I wanted to ensure that nobody else undergoes the same level of pain. Phil and his company, Cash Proof Retirement, are nothing more than a gang of thieves who can stoop to the lowest levels of humanity for the sake of making a few big bucks.

My family faced a huge loss and at a very delicate time, all because of Phil’s malicious plans. It was our mistake to trust a scumbag like Phil with our money. If my family had been a little more alert and vigilante, if we had done a little research and read ‘real’ reviews of Phil’s service we would have never made this grave mistake.

I hope my experiences and other information present in this article will help you. Maybe it will save you from wasting your hard earned money into some dump. 

A little bit about Phil Canella:

Before I tell you the harsh truth about Philip Cannella, I will tell you what HE tells everyone about himself. So let’s begins shall we:

Phil Cannella entered the insurance industry way back in 1970; his site claims that he has helped “millions” of retired folks. He is the owner of Crash Proof Retirement system, which you might have heard of because of its infamous returns and complaints. Phil says this system provides the retirees with a steady income source for the rest of their lives. He tells people to invest in insurance annuities and that’s his biggest scam.

He doesn’t inform people about the risks and complications related to insurance annuities. He only shows you a partial picture and tricks you into thinking that he is telling you the truth. Such scammers shouldn’t get a place to rest even in the worst corners of hell!

His website tells us that he has previously worked as a Senior Advocate and started the First Senior Financial Group that promotes good customer service (more on that later). He even goes on to say that he used his own money to start the Crash Proof Retirement TV Show, which is something that a person should not brag about. After all, he is earning big bucks from that, then why is he rubbing it in the face.

So Phil is married to Joann who apparently is the CEO of First Senior, before their fling, she was just a co-host. He says that his company “fights for the rights of old people” and he does the opposite, talk about irony. He is now working on a new venture named Retirement Media which supposedly will represent the justice for the American Retirees. The page states that he wields a “sword of Truth” and that cracks me up every time I read it because this guy is literally doing the polar opposite, if he is wielding any sword, then it is the “Sword of Quack”. The site also says that he will suppress anyone who would harm the retirees and the hysterical fact is that he is doing the same thing. There is no further information available about Phillip Cannella as he has removed the real details from the internet.

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Main Complaint

My family and I came to hear about Phil through the radio. He hosts a paid infomercial on the radio for his Cash Proof Retirement company. In that radio show, he talks about how everyone is lying to you and why you should listen to the ‘real’ finance experts. Phil also used to tell people about the ‘best post-retirement plan’ and why they should attend his events to gain more knowledge in this regard.

I didn’t listen to his radio show. It was my uncle who got interested. He was nearing his retirement age (around 54 years old) and he wanted to make some smart investments to make his life easier in the future.

He attended one of his Cash Proof Retirement events where he saw Phil discussing insurance annuities and their returns. Phil uses graphs and data to convince people. He knows that numbers are always more convincing than words. The problem is, he doesn’t show the whole data to the people but only a part of the same.

In that event, he showed people a comparison of the returns people get from stocks and the returns people get from annuities. My uncle used to repeat that event multiple times. He was glad that he had found a cool finance expert who will make him rich. Little did he know that the guy he was trusted with his money was actually a thief.

My uncle ended up paying Phil for getting him an investment in insurance annuities. Phil used to charge a hefty fee of nearly 10% as commission for the investment. The investment was of $80,000 and the money was locked up for 10 or 12 years.

This is quite an old event; it happened around 7-8 years ago. Fast forward to last year, after my uncle had purchased the annuities and had kept investing for a considerable number of years, we have suffered a huge loss of $24,000 on our investments. My uncle died last year and when he died, we wanted to cash out the insurance annuity we had purchased. When we tried, we were informed that we will have to pay a surrender charge for cashing out early.

We were shocked. The surrender charge was of 20%, and it was quite a loss for a family which had just lost a member of its own. My uncle had left behind a small family and we were all hoping that the investment would help us in these hard times. But we only received around $55,000 or something from the investment my uncle had made.

We lost a huge sum of around $24,000 and it was all because of Phil and his malicious schemes. Let me tell you something about insurance annuities. They have one of the highest commission percentages and they should never be bought by a person who has a short expected life span. If you’re 25 or 30, feel free to invest your money in annuities but know, that they don’t provide you with the highest returns as well.

It would be much better for you to invest somewhere else. These insurance agents like Phil market insurance annuities because they can earn huge commission checks from them. Phil and his employees hadn’t informed any of us, including my uncle, about the surrender charges.

You might ask, “What are they?”

If you cash out your annuity before the maturity date, you will have to pay surrender charges, including the commission fee. This can be a huge sum, which in our case was of $16,000. We were unaware of these losses. I know that my uncle should have been a little smart. He should have cross-examined everything he was told but I guess, he trusted Phil.

He believed in Phil and his methodology, He thought Phil was a great guy. He was so wrong. He never realized that Phil was a scammer, a thief and a despicable human being who has no heart or remorse for the pain he causes to people.

We weren’t able to mourn the death of my uncle properly because of such a humongous financial loss. We were so devastated that we didn’t know what to mourn about, the death of a family member or the loss of most of his savings? Phil is a scumbag, a thief and a monster. I beg you to stay away from him and his companies.

Don’t get me started on his company’s customer service. Those people are cold and heartless. They don’t care what you’re going through. All they care about is the payments and the commission you have to pay them. They will make you realize that money comes first and people come second, just like they made my family realize the same.

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He doesn’t inform his customer about the risks of the plans he is telling them about. He also doesn’t care about the kind of losses one might face because of his schemes. I have found some articles alerting others about Phil and his Cash Proof Retirement sham, but they are buried too deep within the internet. It’s really hard to find something useful or noteworthy if you’re searching for Phil’s reality online.

And I know why that is so. Phil has admitted himself that he spends millions of dollars on his company’s advertisements. Such real and truthful reviews would hurt his marketing efforts. So he gets them removed from the internet. He lies freely but he hides the truth others are telling.

Social Media

Just like every other scammer in the market, Phil Cannella needs a place to get his targets and he uses famous social media websites for that purpose. Believe it or not, there are more than 3 billion active users of social media and scammers like Phil Cannella takes full advantage of them. There is a section on Facebook help dedicated to scammers, this is because this issue is a big one.

He also uses other channels to get victims, like he got my uncle through the radio. But nowadays, he is highly active on social media. You should know the kind of threat he poses so you can act accordingly.

Anyways so Phil mainly uses the advertisements on his social media handles. The ads help him target a specific audience which might like his product or website. Once the target clicks on the advert, he is either taken to his social media page or directly to his website, where he pitches his sale. This is a general strategy used by millions of social media pages, however, Phil uses black hat marketing tactics in order to get more people to come to his website and get his services.

Wordstream explains black hat marketing the best, black hat marketing is a set of techniques that can be applied to boost a website’s or social media page’s ranking and reach. However, these techniques are totally illegal to do, And  Phil Cannella uses them.

I understand why he uses them, the main reason can be because his service itself is bullshit and there are a thousand times better services available in the market. And in order to surpass the competition he applies the black hat marketing stuff.

Anyways, I researched and found that he has 3 main social media accounts from where he gets his customers, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. I have listed them down below:


So the official Crash Proof Retirement YouTube account has around 250 subscribers and it was registered in 22nd September 2011. They have garnered 90k+ views from adverts and they don’t have any great videos on this channel.

The whole YouTube channel is a big sales funnel for attracting customers. It does not provide any valuable information and we can say that it just one big advertisement for the company. The channel has many fake testimonials which can easily convince people to get his financial plan.

The reason they don’t have many subscribers is that YouTube is kinda strict when it comes to fake subs, but it is possible that people just didn’t like their content.


Phillip Cannella also seems to have his very own Twitter account. This account was created back in 2011 as well and he often retweets his own company’s tweets, which is kinda funny, to be honest. His whole twitter page is just full of retweets of Crash Proof Retirement, promos of the company and other spam stuff.

He has 7k followers here but it is most likely that most of these followers are from automated bots as the engagement rate of all his tweets is low as hell. His tweets barely have any likes and retweets and a real organic account has much more engagement than this.

Anyone will believe in a guy with such following on twitter and he knows that. Phil leaves no opportunities to get customers for his company. I will have to appreciate his efforts. It would have been awesome if he was not a fraud and was actually helping people instead of ruining their lives.


Facebook is the hub of all the scammers. Ask any social media marketer, they will tell you that it is the easiest platform to get followers fast. Facebook ads are infamous for spammers and guess what, Phil uses them as well.

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He has around 10k followers on FB and most of these followers are attained through adverts. Millions of retirees use FB and Phil knows that, therefore, he runs a ton of advertisement campaigns here.

What he sells

In case you don’t know what exactly does Phil sells, then this section will help you understand just that. He is the founder of a finance system for retirees named, Crash Proof Retirement.

Crash Proof Retirement a system for soon-to-be retired or retirees, where they can invest their money. He claims that this money is immune to any market losses. Their company website does not mention any investment vehicles around which the system works and there is no nucleus in their system. The company claims that if the market faces an uprising then you will go up, however, if it goes in the loss, then you will stay even. This was stated in their television commercial.

After doing some research I found out that they use something known as fixed index annuities. The statement of the company is partially true, as this method does keep the initial deposit secure. But, you will be heavily penalized if you withdraw your money early. He doesn’t inform you about this fact, that’s why my family had to $16,000 just for surrender charges.

Crash Proof Retirement even stated that President Obama validated the Crash Proof Retirement System and Phillip Cannella, which is obviously a big fat lie. This was stated in a press release by the company itself on Yahoo Finance. I’m not quite shocked after my own experience with the company, they will go to any extent to trap more and more innocent people.

Why to stay away

Phillip Cannella’s company has deceived hundreds of people and if people keep getting fooled by their disguise, this company will keep doing its thing. They are NOT Better Business Bureau accredited (for a business to get accredited on BBB, it has to be trustable, tell the truth, respect promises, be open and transparent and obviously not be a fraud). They have managed to buy an A+ rating, but they literally have ZERO reviews here.

This guy has spent a hundred thousands of dollars on buying out the original reviews on the internet. One of the most honest websites on Phil was which he bought and deleted. Now that site just redirects to his company’s own site. He has removed the original complaints and reviews from the internet and replaced some of them with fake ones.

His reputation management team constantly stays on a lookout for any complaints or reviews that can harm their flawless reputation and take them down by any means possible.

A report on WebActivism (7th August 2016)says that Crash Proof Retirement and Phil Cannella has impersonated Ripoff Report in order to take down websites and posts. They have had a lot of bad and critical press and both of these entities have dozens of negative reviews. The company and Phil clearly provide one of the worst financial services in the world, all they want is the money from the retirees.

There have been 3 fake copyright allegations on Phil between 2015 and 2016. Apparently, Phil and/or his team imitated LifeHacker dot com and Monster dot com and filed two copyright notices on different websites. The catch is that both of these companies have never filed even 1 DMCA on Google ever. It was obviously a scam and in order to pull it off, they started a dummy news site named palastinetoday dot com. They copied the original complaint from Pissedconsumer dot com and published it while backdating it so it looked like it was uploaded in 22nd June ’13. However, it was originally posted in 10th Sep ’15.

Such finance service companies have a lot on their reputation’s stake and any critical reviews can ruin it instantly. And in the case of Crash Proof Retirement, they needed to remove these reviews otherwise no one would have even considered them. Phil himself had many bad and negative reviews which were ruining his reputation.

One Last Request

I know this was a lot of information for you to take in, but I know it’s important. I don’t want anyone else to go through the pain and the hurdles like my family did because of Phil Cannella. I request you to please spread awareness regarding this scammer. You don’t know how many lives you will save with one simple click.

Shouldn’t others know the reality behind this thief?


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