Is Gennady Podolsky Involved with the Trafficking of Computer Passwords? (2024)


The managing partner of Vega International Travel Services, Inc. and a dual citizen of the United States and Ukraine, Gennady Podolsky, revealed that he had participated in the illegal exchange of electronic credentials.

Because Gennady Podolsky used credentials associated with Delta Air Lines SkyBonus cards fraudulently, Vega’s acts were a betrayal of trust towards the companies or individuals that used its services.

The person purchased event passes in order to accrue Delta SkyBonus points, which constitutes fraudulent activity. Major companies like Delta Air Lines suffered large financial losses as a result of unethical behavior.

After conducting a comprehensive investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to effectively apprehend Podolsky.

The FBI’s Special Agent in Charge in Atlanta, Chris Hacker, reaffirmed the agency’s dedication to protecting companies and taking legal action against individuals engaging in dishonest behavior. U.S. Attorney Byung J. “BJay” Pak emphasized the determination to find and bring charges against any briber.

A small travel company called Vega International Travel Solutions, Inc. was based in Chicago, Illinois. The company offered a wide range of travel-related services, but its main goal was to make it easier for clients who lived abroad to purchase airline tickets.

Gennady Podolsky was in charge of Vega Travel and also functioned as the main travel agency. Atlanta, Georgia is home to the corporate headquarters of well-known airline Delta Air Lines.

For computerized ticket handling and electronic communication, the carrier uses server computers. Delta Airlines has two different frequent flyer programs: SkyMiles, which is intended for individual consumers, and SkyBonus, which is intended for business use.

Participants in both programs have the chance to accrue credits that can be exchanged for free travel and other benefits.

Businesses that enroll receive a unique user ID as well as a login and password that allow them to trade in their accrued SkyBonus points for airline reward certificates, ticket modifications, or other benefits.

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The SkyBonus website is where you can begin the process of requesting reward certificates for free flights.

Paper papers, also known as “Delta eCerts,” are sent to recipients via email, specifically to the email address that the recipient has specified.

The recipient of an eCert must enter their eCert number when creating a ticket and then select a qualifying ticket in order to be eligible for free travel.

Gennady Podolsky used the fictitious account “RGI Global” to commit fraud in order to obtain SkyBonus credits without authorization.

Another thing that Gennady Podolsky did was to encourage people to use aliases when communicating with Delta.

Furthermore, the perpetrator went on to assign the login credentials linked to the fictitious SkyBonus account of RGI International to a Vega Global Travel Service, Inc. staff member.

Through the illegal activity, the employee was able to obtain unapproved authorization to use Delta’s SkyBonus computer system, which made it easier for Vega’s customers to buy tickets on Delta flights.

Gennady Podolsky, a resident of Chicago, Illinois, was involved in the unlawful transmission of a username and password linked to an RGI International Delta SkyBonus account.

The purpose of this activity was to associate tickets related to specific customers with the account in issue. The people in question had no connection to any RGI Global-designated organization.

By doing this, Podolsky guaranteed that the account had obtained Delta SkyBonus points without authorization in return for the price of event tickets. Judge Steve C. Jones of the United States District Court will preside over the sentencing hearing for Pod’s work.

As per the terms of the plea agreement, Podolsky has agreed to pay $1,000,000 to Delta Airlines as compensation before his sentence is imposed.

In addition, he has agreed not to participate in any business dealings with Delta Airlines or any of its subsidiaries in the future.

The United States Bureau of Investigations is investigating the case, while Deputy U.S. Attorneys Bernita Malloy, John S. Ghose, and Glenn D. Baker are prosecuting.

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Gennady Podolsky: A travel agent is accused of stealing about $2 million worth of FFPs

Charges of fraud are being brought against a partner at a Chicago-based travel business for allegedly obtaining and using roughly $2 million in Delta Air Lines frequent flyer points.

It is alleged that Gennady Podolsky took advantage of his clients by abusing his position in the travel sector. Atlanta-based U.S. Attorney Byung Pak claims that Podolsky obtained millions of SkyBonus points worth more than $1.75 million through illicit use of Delta Airlines’ corporate frequent flyer program.

Gennady Podolsky, according to the prosecution, amassed 42 million points in a single year beginning in the spring of 2014. In addition to being the managing partner of Vega International Travel Services, Gennady Podolsky holds dual citizenship with the United States and Ukraine.

He was profiled in a 2016 Wired magazine story, when it was said that he uses a “bag of tricks” to assist his clients in reaching their goals. Podolsky is a transportation professional who prides himself on his creativity.

In a statement, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of Georgia (where Delta has its headquarters located) stated that Vega Travel catered to clients who were expatriates of Eastern European and Russian ancestry.

It is said that Gennady Podolsky abused a substantial amount of points amassed via Delta’s SkyBonus program, which entitles registered firms to points that can be redeemed for complimentary miles or other perks when their staff members fly.

According to reports, he made arrangements to open a SkyBonus account in the name of a Vega president’s relative’s fertility center.

Prosecutors claim that travel advisor Gennady Podolsky purchased tickets for a reproductive center using SkyBonus miles for other clients who were unrelated to the company. There are twelve counts of wire fraud against him.

Podolsky’s attorney counters that his acts were not dishonest. According to Seth Kirschenbaum, the defense lawyer, Podolsky is a well-respected and knowledgeable travel expert who has long-term relationships with his clientele.

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The defense contends that evidence will demonstrate that Delta, the airline in question, generated millions of dollars in profits from its relationship with Podolsky, despite the government’s assertion that Delta was a victim of Podolsky’s acts.

According to Delta, they are happy to see any fraud being prosecuted and will keep cooperating with the FBI and the District Attorney’s office to make sure that this case is taken to its furthest legal potential.

About Gennady Podolsky

With years of professional experience, Gennady Podolsky is a well respected authority in the travel industry with a wealth of knowledge in the area of international travel coordination.

He has helped a great deal of travelers with different needs to navigate complex travel restrictions and preferences, ensuring positive outcomes for his clients.

Gennady Podolsky regularly provides his extensive expertise in foreign travel to his loyal customers and is an active participant in WikiMiles, a website that helps passengers maximize their flight miles, loyalty points, and other travel-related activities.

The original resident of Odesa, Ukraine, Gennady Podolsky moved to the United States in 1993 in order to attend Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania.

Around this time, he developed a deep love for travel and exploration and started his first business venture in the travel industry. You can click the following link to learn more about him: Gennady Podolsky

The Final Word

Gennady Podolsky, a partner in a Chicago travel business, is being sued for fraud in a high-stakes case. He is accused of stealing and exchanging approximately $2 million worth of frequent flyer miles from Delta Air Lines.

According to the prosecution, Podolsky took advantage of Delta’s SkyBonus program by using his position in the travel industry. This allowed him to accrue an incredible 42 million points in only a single year. The estimated worth of these points is more than $1.75 million.

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