Ohio’s Peter Tsai: Health Care Fraud? Exposed (2024)


Peter Tsai Ohio, a Taiwanese native who moved to Bad Axe, Michigan along with his family, recently admitted to participating in illicit activities related to healthcare fraud. Regretfully, Peter Tsai Ohio, his parents, and even his cousin became engaged in a network of deceitful activities in the healthcare sector.

Peter Tsai Ohio was charged with smuggling and conspiring to commit healthcare fraud after he was caught in the act. His involvement in a plot to financially hurt the healthcare system by misleading it is the basis for these charges.

Consequently, the jury indicted him on extra counts of money laundering and smuggling in addition to the initial charges of healthcare fraud.

The indictment specifically said that Peter Tsai Ohio was involved in the illegal acquisition of Synvisc, a foreign pharmaceutical product. This medication was obtained illegally and is mostly used to treat osteoarthritis symptoms.

Law enforcement claims that Peter Tsai Ohio and his relatives smuggled goods into the country in order to purchase Synvisc, then laundered the proceeds of these illicit acts.

Ohio’s Peter Tsai – Found guilty of healthcare fraud at Lawrence County Medical Clinics

The United States Attorney’s Office stated that three people who were involved in the operation of Watkins-Tsai Imaging and Advanced Family Medical Center in Coal Grove, Ohio, along with Peter Tsai, were sentenced for their roles in a healthcare fraud scheme.

It was discovered that they had submitted false claims to government insurance programs for pointless treatments; most of the bogus expenses were attributable to the overuse of CT scan machines.

The conspiracy to defraud Medicaid, Medicare, and Tri-Care healthcare benefit programs involved Peter Tsai Ohio, the owner of Advanced Family Medical Center, his mother and father, Tahsiung Tsai and Ruey Tsai, who owned Watkins-Tsai Imaging, and Wei Lih Sheih, Peter Tsai Ohio’s cousin, who worked at both clinics.

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The four of them entered guilty pleas to conspiring to commit healthcare fraud. Furthermore, Peter Tsai Ohio entered a guilty plea to obtaining Synvisc knee injections from Turkey and Canada through unlawful medical device importation.

Peter Tsai Ohio was sentenced to 78 months in prison for conspiring to commit healthcare fraud and for bringing in an unlawful medical gadget. This is in light of the seriousness of their actions. Watkins-Tsai Imaging’s owners, Ruey and Tahsiung Tsai, were sentenced to three years of supervised release, six months of home arrest, and community service for their roles in the scam.

Ruey and Tsai have allegedly been satisfied to pay $999,000 in restitution, according to court filings. Mr. Sheih has also been sentenced to 12 months of house confinement and 3 years of supervised release due to his involvement in the healthcare fraud conspiracy.

Both clinics were housed in the same Coal Grove building, according to court documents. Those involved in the plot performed a great deal of unneeded CT scans.

As an illustration, consider Peter Tsai Ohio, who would often label his patients with piriformis syndrome in order to use his CT scan scanner to guide injections. Additionally, he performed an excessive number of medically unnecessary diagnostic CT scans, including several scans of the same body part performed on the same patient in a matter of weeks.

In addition, Peter Tsai Ohio and his family are accused of deceitfully increasing their Medicare and Medicaid expenses. Peter even imported counterfeit Synvisc from Turkey and Canada without authorization. 

Case Study

Peter Tsai v. United States


The United States and Peter Tsai Ohio have an appeal agreement in place. He consented, as per the agreement, to enter a guilty plea to charges of conspiracy to commit health care fraud and illegal item importation.

After the plea, the court sentenced him to 10 months in prison, during which he did not try to back out of the agreement or voice any complaints about the work his attorney had done. Additionally, he made no accusations of inadequate support throughout the sentencing process.

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He can still bring up these accusations, but it’s important to remember that they go counter to what he’s already done.

The Bottom Line 

According to the report’s conclusion, Peter Tsai Ohio cannot establish bias in accordance with Strickland, so there is no need to pronounce on the attorney’s inadequate performance. Finally, the suggestion to dismiss the motion with prejudice is approved, and the clerk will now proceed to make the appropriate entry in the judgment. The Certificate of Appealability is thus rejected.

America the United States V. Tsai Peter

Peter Tsai Ohio entered a guilty plea to smuggling and healthcare fraud. He received a 78-month prison sentence. Tsai contends that he was unfairly sentenced and coerced into entering a guilty plea by the district court. Nonetheless, the verdict and punishment have been maintained.

Tsai filed the majority of his claims to Medicare using two particular billing codes for CT scans, according to an examination of his billing methods. After a government contractor reported suspicious activities, authorities were granted a warrant to search Tsai’s imaging center and clinic. Office documents, computer hard drives, and Synvisc boxes with foreign labeling were taken during the search.

Investigators found that Peter Tsai and his parents falsely billed Medicaid and Medicare for almost $2 million worth of unneeded medical procedures between 2005 and 2011.

In an effort to save money, they also discovered that Tsai had unlawfully imported and prescribed Synvisc, a drug not authorized for use in the US. After the jury was discharged, the district court questioned the government about its remaining witnesses.


During the sentencing process, Peter Tsa Ohioi’s attorney acknowledged that the offense’s circumstances and character were alarming. The court took into account Tsai’s contempt for his patients’ health as well as the financial harm his scheme created. Tsai claims that his punishment is excessive, but by entering into a plea deal, he had already given up the ability to raise that defense.

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About Peter Tsai Ohio 

Peter Tsai has established a successful business career. Microvacations is a respected destination management company that serves Tucson, Arizona, and the surrounding areas.

Peter left his native Taiwan, where he was born and raised, to continue his education abroad. Before starting his college career, he finished his high school education at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Peter completed his undergraduate studies at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, setting the groundwork for his career goals in medicine.

Driven to delve more into the field of business and spurred on by a renewed interest in it, he took a risk and enrolled at the University of Alabama in Birmingham’s medical school.

A number of lawsuits have been filed against Peter Tsai Ohio on a variety of charges, most of them are related to health care fraud. According to these claims, Tsai allegedly engaged in dishonest business methods in the healthcare sector, which may have led to monetary losses, patient injury, and a contempt for morality.

The lawsuits draw attention to allegations that Peter Tsai Ohio was involved in fraudulent operations. It is possible that he intentionally altered billing codes, overcharged for services, or took part in other illegal activity in order to profit monetarily.

These claims highlight the possible effects of Tsai’s conduct on the larger healthcare system in addition to casting doubt on his dedication to provide high-quality healthcare and professional ethics.

In order to make up for the harm that Tsai’s claimed actions are said to have caused, the legal system will review and assess the evidence as the lawsuits move forward. Possible results include monetary compensation and the application of penalties. You can click this link to find out more about Peter Tsai: Peter Tsai Ohio

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