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Dr. Ramtin Kassir, Plastic Surgeon Sued for Failed Nose Job & Forged Documents

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Counterproductive Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ramtin Kassir Rice, a famous plastic surgeon known for injecting Snooki from the Real Housewives of Jersey Shore’s lips, is being sued for botched nose surgery. 

Case story of Arevik Khurdayan

Arevik Khurdayan, 34, saw a doctor to get her septum realigned. She was persuaded to have a nose job by the doctor and his staff, but this only caused her more issues.

How the incident took place?

Khurdayan, a lawyer by trade, saw Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a renowned plastic surgeon in Manhattan since he was having breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum. The clinic offers procedures for snoring and sinus issues in addition to plastic surgery. 

They recommended Khurdayan have a dual procedure called a septorhinoplasty, which would fix her breathing issues as well as her appearance.

Khurdayan underwent dual surgical surgery in February 2016 and claimed that rather than improving her breathing, the procedure actually made her condition worse. 

She claims in a 2017 medical malpractice case filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that she had to have further surgeries performed by a different doctor to correct her deviated septum and remove polyps and obstructions in her nose that appeared as a result of the poorly performed nose job.

Khurdayan stated that in order to get her medical records, she had to go to the plastic surgeon’s office several times. She eventually got her hands on them and discovered that the file contained fake documents with her falsified signature on numerous consent forms.

 Additionally, she claimed that her records failed to include the essential information that a patient must be provided prior to surgery—namely, that she would be intubated and asleep during the process.

Khurdayan claimed that the initials and signatures were not her own, but rather resembled those of a nurse at Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s office who had signed her other forms. 

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Khurdayan should have received the operation that was agreed upon, but she didn’t, and as a result, she was forced to endure unjustified agony, according to Steve Cohen of Pollock Cohen.

The renowned plastic surgeon is currently being sued for a number of offenses, including medical negligence, contract breach, lack of informed consent, and forgery. The doctor attempted to limit the number of claims, but Supreme Court Judge Joan Madden rejected his effort, highlighting the possibility of the case moving further.

 According to Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s advocate, the judge’s decision was solely procedural and the charges against the doctor were without merit, hence the judge did not permit the case to proceed.

The claimed “forged” signatures, according to Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s office, were the result of a system error that allowed the plaintiff’s signatures to be pulled from other documents and pasted into blank signature fields on blank documents.

Case story of Snooki’s Lips

The small “Jersey Shore” star revealed this week that she had lip injections to boost her previously tiny pout.

“Initial lip augmentation session was fantastic. She was always despised having thin lips, and she never imagined that she had the courage to get injections in them to make them beautiful, but she did it. On Instagram, the reality-TV regular captioned a selfie.

Although the 27-year-old, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, was “terrified” to receive the injections, she claims it “wasn’t bad at all!”

She also detests needles.  She adores her “natural beauty,” but being able to improve the appearance of her lips to boost her self-esteem is life, she chose this way of surgery.

Case of Kylie Jenner

Dr. Ramtin Kassir, a well-known plastic and cosmetic surgeon, carried out the treatment on the star after she lost weight.

The mother of two is ten years older than Kylie Jenner, another reality star with large lips, who in May finally acknowledged undergoing fillers after having her full pout criticized.

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The Legal Aspect

For your case to be successfully argued, a medical malpractice litigator in New York City must have experience in situations just like yours. It is vital to initiate a medical malpractice lawsuit against all careless medical professionals who subject patients to needless suffering while believing they would escape liability.

Case History of Khurdayan v. Dr. Ramtin Kassir

By order dated June 5, 2020, the court (Madden, J.) severed the remaining causes of action and dismissed the claims for unjust enrichment, fraud, and fraudulent inducement based on alleged misrepresentations by the defendants, as well as a promise to pay rescission and engaging in deceptive business practices in violation of General Business Law 340 and 350 (second and third causes of action).

The plaintiff was diagnosed with a deviated septum on November 19, 2013, although Dr. Daniel B. Kuriloff cautioned her that this ailment might or might not be the source of her alleged breathing and nasal congestion problems. 

After conducting independent lay research about septoplasty and rhinoplasty treatments, the plaintiff initially got in touch with Dr. Ramtin Kassir in June 2015 and had their first meeting with him on August 11, 2015.

The plaintiff then went back to Dr. Ramtin Kassir’s clinic on December 22, 2015, when he gave her information about the benefits, dangers, and indications for a septorhinoplasty procedure as well as alternatives. The plaintiff’s assent to the operations as she understood them, as the Dr. Ramtin Kassir defendants say she understood them, or as they may have been described in relevant permission forms is a point of fierce contention between the parties.

The plaintiff signed a different surgical informed consent form on February 9, 2016, the day of the surgery, than the ones she allegedly signed on January 19, 2016, in which she allegedly confirmed that Dr. Ramtin Kassir had warned her of the risks and consequences of the procedure, informed her of the alternatives to it, described the risks of those alternatives, and explained the prognosis if no treatment were provided.

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Court Conclusions

Given the foregoing, it is

It is ORDERED that the Dr. Ramtin Kassir defendants’ motion to dismiss is granted in so far as it dismisses the claims in the amended complaint for violations of General Business Law 349 and 350 (second cause of action), fraud/fraud in the inducement (third cause of action), unjust enrichment (fourth cause of action), and written agreement (fifth cause of action), and it is further ORDERED that the motion to dismiss is denied in all other respects.

ORDERED that a judgment dismissing these claims be entered by the court clerk, and it is further

It is therefore ORDERED that the remaining causes of action—contractual violation (the first cause of action), medical malpractice (the sixth cause of action), a failure to obtain informed permission (the seventh cause of action), and forgery (the eighth cause of action—be severed and proceed.

A remote discovery conference will be held with the court on July 1, 2020, at 11 am to establish the appropriate scope of discovery in light of this decision and order, and it is further ORDERED that the Dr.Ramtin Kassir defendants’ application for a protective order be granted so as directing that it be held.

About Dr. Ramtin Kassir

The top plastic and cosmetic surgeon in New York and New Jersey is Dr. Ramtin Kassir, who has earned triple board certification. On patients from all around the world, he has carried out countless operations.

Otolaryngologist (ENT) – General, Sleep Medicine Specialist – General Ramtin Kassir practises in Wayne, New Jersey. beginning in 1991

Reviews of Dr. Ram Kassir

Many of the reviews about him are unfavorable and reflect poorly on him and his work. Let’s have a look at it:

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