Richard Carr Bournemouth is a Fraud? Find out More

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Numerous accusations of fraud, illicit relationships, sexual assault, and other offenses have been made against Richard Carr Bournemouth. To uncover Richard’s truth, let’s delve deeper into his past. See the information about the tale below:

The founder of several organizations is Richard Carr. He leads the Fortitudo corporation as CEO. He tries to grow his business by posing as a property developer, nightclub owner, or bar owner to earn a fictitious sum of money.

Richard Carr Bournemouth makes assertions about commanding the local hospitality and entertainment industries. The new designs for 500 housing, in addition to a nightclub, parking garage, bowling alley, and movie theater, are displayed by his company. 

Richard Carr Bournemouth: Club Owner Charged with the Fraud Cases

Richard Carr Bournemouth, a businessman, was charged with 41 offenses of theft, fraud, and dishonesty when he appeared in court in February 2014.

James Beedham, 38, of Bridle Crescent, Bournemouth, Dene Norman Burgess, 56, and Susan Burgess, 51, all of Banks Road, Poole, and Carr, 55, of Lagoon Road, Poole, were present in the dock at Bournemouth Magistrates Court.

Richard Carr Bournemouth, of Lagoon Road in Poole, was charged with 41 offenses, including forging documents and stealing approximately £250,000. 

Together, they are accused of 75 offenses, including mortgage theft and fraud of corporate funds, hiding assets during bankruptcy, and violating bankruptcy limitations performing including the management of nightclubs and other organizations. A fifth defendant, Adrian Price, 47, of Alington Road, Poole, was not present at the hearing.

The five offenders are connected and can be dealt with together, according to Rebecca Chalkley, who is investigating on behalf of the Department for Business, creativity, and Ability.

This case involves five defendants and 75 allegations according to BIS.

“Mr. Carr’s bankruptcy and violations of the insolvency law constitute a substantial portion of the claimed offending,” the statement reads.

Three charges of utilizing fake documents to secure a mortgage as well as three counts of receiving an advance in connection with a mortgage acquisition through fraud, according to the accuser, were included in the allegations.

She also highlighted two claims of theft against Future 3000 Ltd, which ran the neighborhood bars and clubs Dundees, Jimmys, Wiggle, Bliss, Mint, Toko, Bent, and Crank, the first for just under £100,000 by bank transfer and the second for just under £150,000 in cash.

She asserted that “the center of the offense around the company activities of Richard Carr Bournemouth as a property builder and owner of nightclubs and bars.”

“His co-defendants assisted him in the mortgage frauds,” she continued.

The Consequences of the Case

The case was continued until March 24 without a plea being entered, and all four accused were released on bail with the requirement that they turn in their passports in exchange for their appearance at Bournemouth Crown Court.

On the other hand, the prosecutor suggested that the matter might be heard in a separate court.

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Was it Economically challenging?

The charges characterized the case as “financially complex” and having “diverse offenses.”

Twenty of the 41 accusations that Richard Carr has been charged with related to his participation in the creation, development, or operation of a corporation while it was in bankruptcy.

Other charges include hiding the “Honey Party,” a motor boat, and a number of golden watches from the executor of his estate.

In addition, Beedham is charged with 19 counts of assisting Richard Carr in the development, promotion, or management of a business while Carr was bankrupt. Dene Burgess, Carr, and Price are all accused of getting a payment of £860,000 on the mortgage from the Bank of Scotland through fraud.

In addition to other offenses, Susan Burgess and Richard Carr Bournemouth were simultaneously accused of multiple counts of creating a fraudulent instrument and two counts of obtaining a money transfer by deception.

Richard Carr Bournemouth: Justification against the filed charges

Following the dismissal of numerous fraud and theft allegations against him, businessman Richard Carr Bournemouth expressed his relief.

Miranda Moore QC testified in court that the officer, who has not yet been identified publicly, “showed up at a registration hearing to submit accusations so that the officials did not grant the permit to a business owned by Richard Carr Bournemouth.”

Richard Carr’s firms have had an “immense” influence, she remarked.

While Richard Carr Bournemouth” expended hundreds of thousands” on his own, Ms. Moore stated that it was anticipated that the added expenses to the taxpayers will be in the thousands of pounds.

Infractions including the running of nightclubs and other enterprises as well as mortgage fraud, theft of corporate cash, hiding of bankruptcy assets, and violations of an Insolvency Restrictions Undertaking were among the many things Mr. Carr and others were accused of committing.

A spokesperson for Dorset Police stated that no proof was provided during the two hearings as privacy problems were brought up and the defense consequently deemed it necessary to stop moving with the cases.

Richard Carr Bournemouth: Creation of a New “Little World” to make huge frauds

Richard Carr intends to build a new “little world” to take the place of Bournemouth’s Cameo nightclub.

Here, a “mini Carr city” with a hotel with 120 rooms, a nightclub, a ten-pin bowling alley, many pubs and restaurants, a movie theater, and 600 residences was the subject of the construction proposal.

Buildings between Fir Vale Road and Glen Fern were to be demolished as part of the renovation at the former Cameo nightclub location in Bournemouth.

Richard Carr Bournemouth’s Fortitudo business purchased the property, which is home to a multi-story parking area, a huge number of vacant offices, some residential units, a café, an activity center, and the renowned nightclub Cameo.

A tall development was suggested for the 1.85-acre site, as seen in CGI images.

The development group’s Chief Executive, Richard Carr Bournemouth, recognizes that it is one of the biggest single-building assignments he has ever undertaken.

Even though the nightclub facilities at Cameo are well-liked and there is a car park there already, he claims that if the proposals are approved, the entire land will be leveled before construction on the new facility can start.

The nightclub has become outdated, but he acknowledged that his staff was reinstalling many of the strong components that had been there.

Richard Carr pointed out that the newly-designed club was projected to be constructed in the basement with a layer of industrial real estate above and then housing below, indicating that noise was unlikely to have an effect on those living there. He did this after taking note of public feedback about the prospective noise impact of the nightclub on residents who buy into the building. We should note that he was completely considering things from a business standpoint at this point.

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The current structure on the site, known as “BOHO Grand,” was previously rated as one of the worst structures in the nation, placing “joint-first ugliest” with Portsmouth’s Tricorn Center, according to Richard Carr Bournemouth.

A few have questioned the need for a second movie theater in addition to the replacement of the site’s existing amenities. According to the Richard Carr team, they claimed that they will provide a different, more “adult” social cinematic experience.

About 250–300 of the site’s apartments were to be part of the Private Rental Scheme, with the other 250–300 available for purchase.

When asked how much an apartment in the new complex would cost, Richard Carr Bournemouth responded that, at the present time, a one-bedroom flat would probably cost between £185,000 and £195,000.

The property won’t likely be accessible to the public until 2026, though, since planning is expected to take 12 to 18 months, conditions will likely need to be released after that in an average of eight months, and construction was likely to take four years.

On Wednesday, September 8, 2021, at 2.30 p.m., the Russell Cotes Art Gallery was to open its doors to the general public for the project, which was in the pre-planning stage.

Richard Carr Bournemouth claimed that if the proposals were accepted, in addition to the infrastructure and homes suggested, there would be a rise in local jobs in the area.

When the location was opened, he claimed, they expect to have about 300 full-time positions available.

What many individuals neglected was the additional supply chain jobs that were required to run firms that sell food, drink, cleaning supplies, and other goods.

In what other place would you live if you were in your 20s or 30s and want to lead an active lifestyle? It’s basically a little world all by itself. To deceive others, it was merely a deception.

Glen Fern Road, Salterns Marina, and the contentious plans for the three proposed Sandbanks hotels were all being developed by Mr. Carr’s company, Fortitudo.

In Salterns Marina, a hotel and apartment building worth £150 million are now under construction.

The three Sandbanks hotels’ growth plans as well as those for a new nightclub, bowling alley, and hotel in Glen Fern Road may shortly be referred to a committee.

In order to explain how he founded the company and why he does what he does, businessman Richard Carr Bournemouth went for a direct conversation with the Daily Echo.

Explanations of Richard Carr Bournemouth on Fortitudo

He said that a lot of entrepreneurs were holding back when the lockdown occurred in March 2020, therefore he made the decision to expand the business.

They were able to complete deals that our team most likely wouldn’t have been able to complete in a typical marketplace, significantly advancing the business.

They currently have sites running as far west as Bath and as far east as Hove, in addition to a significant amount of activity there.

They have a lot going on. They’re constructing 64 flats on Poole Quay, 14 residences on Chewton Farm Road, and some commercial space in Yeovil on six of seven different sites that will begin construction in the upcoming three months.

He claimed his team worked for the effectiveness of their services and marketed Fortitudo as his own brand.

As a brand, Fortitudo must be proud of everything it does, he continued, adding that everything it does must be something of which it was proud.

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Salterns Marina Hotel Schemes

A Poole hotel was demolished to make way for a $150 million hotel and residential complex at Salterns Marina.

In order to make room for the building as part of the project that was carried out by Poole-based company Fortitudo, diggers have been on the Salterns Harbourside Hotel construction site over the past several days.

The hotel building was previously demolished, and it was to be done by the end of the month.

Salterns Way’s road widening is almost finished, and the marina shortly had a pop-up bar service available for the summer.

Richard Carr, the chief executive of Fortitudo, expressed his optimism that the full development will be finished by 2023.

The designs were modified from a prior proposal that included a smaller hotel and additional residences, and in 2017, the Borough of Poole’s planning committee approved them.

According to Richard Carr Bournemouth, the scheme as a whole will be worth more than £150 million, with the units’ gross development value being in the neighborhood of £128 million.

The residences will have 270-degree views of the coast which is unheard of, Richard Carr Bournemouth continued, making them unique among all of Sandbanks and Poole. This is because they are located at the end of the pier.

Due to the fact that you must drive all the way to the end of the marina to access them, even the north-facing residences will have views of the water.

Sandbanks hotel Schemes

If big proposals for the renovation of three Sandbanks hotels are approved, hundreds of thousands of pounds needed to be paid in “compensation” for reducing harm to Poole’s ecologically endangered regions.

In Richard Carr’s proposals to replace the Sandbanks Hotel, a new 171-bedroom hotel, three blocks of residential apartments in place of the Haven Hotel, and the construction of a 38-suite “aparthotel” on the site of the Harbour Heights Hotel are all included.

The planning committee finally heard the proposals, which were initially submitted in 2017, in January, according to Richard Carr Bournemouth.

Richard Brown of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), however, claimed that compensation should be provided due to the possible impact on sensitive places like Shell Bay and Brownsea Island in one of the numerous replies to the controversial plans.

The organization has demanded that £100,000 be paid upon starting construction on the Haven Hotel, and £10,000 every year for 80 years, beginning as soon as the first apartment was occupied.

Richard Carr Bournemouth informed the Daily Echo that he accepted the payment and that he was “satisfied to contribute”. What do you think of his completely false statement, though?

In an effort to project a positive image, he claimed that he was glad to pay the amount and that it would be used to replace several pine trees on the peninsula.

The improvement of the ecology and environment is one of the reasons for the development.

“The amount of tarmac will be reduced, and the carbon footprint will be cut in half if this development proceeds. They are glad to support an initiative that will benefit the environment.


Finally, Richard Carr is a fraud and bankrupt with his business, which he uses to build a massive network of businesses in a variety of industries, including clubs, hotels, and real estate. There are numerous criminal charges against this guy. Even though I covered a lot of ground—bankruptcy, fraudulent activity, etc.—I still want to offer some additional screenshots as evidence.



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